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Click here to go to a website with valuable injury prevention and management information (including concussions):

Process to access a follow up ImPACT test & return to play following a head injury

Important: If either yourself or the trainer has any concerns, or symptoms are severe or worsen, please proceed to your nearest emergency department.

What to do…

Step 1. Rest Rest Rest. Just like any other injury your brain needs time to rest. That means no school, no intense video games, no reading, no homework, and no activity until all the symptoms are gone. Contact Dr. Kim Blok at Optimal Health & Chiropractic (especially if you have health benefits insurance) or email Dr. Heather Percival at [email protected] (especially if you don't have health benefits insurance) and a time will be set up for concussion follow up and repeat testing, usually in a week or once symptoms clear, whichever comes first.

Step 2. You can now start some reading, and then try school and very light activity, like a walk or playing some video games. If you get your symptoms back go back to step one. Continue this for at least 2 to 3 days before moving to step 3.

Step 3. Back to School full time, increase your activity level at home, bike riding, can try recess and if going well can then move on to non contact gym activities. You cannot step on the ice until you have seen one of the doctors and have had your post concussion assessment. If you get recurrence of symptoms you go back to step 2 and stay home from school for another day or 2. For those who are interested this is the time you could go to a physiotherapist who is knowledgeable about concussions.  Craig Irwin, here in Seaforth, has had quite a bit of experience rehabilitating serious concussions and has worked with the program out of Fowler Kennedy.

How to get your appointment for a retest/return to play.

Call the Huron East Family Health Team at 519-600-2273 and explain you need a concussion apt follow up, including an ImPact test. The reception will take your information and will get back to you either that day or the next day with a follow up appointment

At that appointment you will be doing the ImPACT test again, plus seeing one of the doctors and either getting the ok to try a skate/non contact practice or a return appointment for retesting in another week or so. The appointment may take 60-70 minutes. The appointment may occur either at the clinic or the Emergency department, depending on doctor scheduling and availability.

You cannot participate in any dryland training or be on the ice for an SMHA activity until you have clearance to do so from Dr. H. Percival, Dr. K. Blok or their designate. This clearance must be in writing and submitted to your team's trainer before your participation.

Do not make the appointment if you are still having symptoms, and if step one is progressing longer than 7 days follow up with your family doctor. If at any time, you or your child experience increasing symptoms including repeated vomiting, confusion, disorientation, escalating headache or repeated loss of consciousness or fainting go directly to the Emergency Department. If you are at all concerned please see your family doctor or go to Emergency at any time during these steps.

Step 4. You are allowed to try a skate, and then some skating drills on the ice. You are not to have a stick. You are not to do any body contact drills, scrimmage or things that might involve something other than air touching your head, body or helmet. If that skating goes well you can move to step 5. If you get symptoms, stop and wait a week to try again. If symptoms recur see your family doctor.

Step 5. Full practice and scrimmage. If this goes well you are ok to play.

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