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Vulnerable Sector Checks

Seaforth Minor Hockey has a safety officer who is responsible for ensuring that the vulnerable sector checks are completed for all volunteers listed on a team roster or at large within the organization.  Vulnerable Sector Checks are completed every three years
and a volunteer must complete and sign an offence declaration in the years in between the checks.

Completed Vulnerable Sector Checks are mailed back to the volunteer and then must be submitted to the safety officer to be kept on record.  A copy may be taken and maintained by the volunteer.

A volunteer will be notified if fingerprints are required.  The volunteer will then need to connect with the OPP to arrange the time and then will be notified when the check is returned to the detachment.  Volunteers then pick up the check and submit it to the
safety officer.

More information on vulnerable sector checks can be found on the OPP website or in the SMHA handbook.

Information from the Ontario Provincial Police website is as follows:
Vulnerable Sector (VS) Check (including Pardoned Sex Offender Database (PSOD))

The vulnerable sector screening was established to provide screening of individuals who intend on working or volunteering with the vulnerable sector.

A Vulnerable Person is defined as:
All children who are less than 18 years of age, AND/OR persons who, because of their age, a disability or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent:
(a)     are in a position of dependence on others; or
(b)     are otherwise at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by persons in a position of authority or trust relative to them. RCMP policy stipulates that the Vulnerable Sector Check MUST be completed by the police service of local jurisdiction where the applicant resides and for each agency the applicant is working or volunteering for.

The Vulnerable Sector Check is an agency/organization driven request. In order to have this done you must have an agency/organization letter which explains that you need a vulnerable sector check.  You will also need to give a detail description of the specific job you will be hired/ volunteer for as well as a hiring managers names and contact number.

The Vulnerable Sector Check will include the following information as it exists on the date of the search:
(a) Criminal convictions from the Canadian Police Information Centre, RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records and/or local police databases;
(b) Outstanding entries, such as charges, warrants, judicial orders, Peace Bonds, Probation and Prohibition orders;
(c) Absolute and Conditional Discharges (1-3 years), as set out in Section 730 of the Criminal Code of Canada (OPP Niche RMS Database only);
(d) Family court restraining orders;
(e) Criminal charges resulting in dispositions including, but not limited to, Stayed, Withdrawn, Dismissed, and cases of not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder as listed on local indices;
(f) Police contacts including, but not limited to theft, weapons, sex offences, or violent, harmful or threatening behaviour;
(g) Police contacts including, but not limited to theft, weapons, sex offences, or violent, harmful or threatening behaviour, which may or may not have involved a Mental Health incident where no charges were laid;
(h) Pardoned criminal convictions as per Schedule of the Criminal Records Act, including non-sex offences, identified as a result of VS verification search and authorized for release by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Acceptable Identification:
Two pieces of identification are required to complete any of the checks, one of which must be government issued and include the Applicant’s name, date of birth, signature and photo of the Applicant.

Acceptable Forms of Photo Identification
•       Driver’s License
•       BYID (Bring Your Identification, issued by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO))
•       Military Employment Card
•       Canadian Citizenship Card
•       Indian Status Card
•       Passport
•       Permanent Resident Card
•       PAL (Possession & Acquisition License issued by the Chief Firearms Office)
•       CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) Card
•       Ontario Photo ID Card (issued by the MTO)
•       NEXUS Card
•       FAST Pass

Acceptable Forms of Non-Photo Identification
•       Birth Certificate
•       Baptismal Certificate
•       Hunting License
•       Outdoors Card
•       Canadian Blood Donor Card
•       Immigration Papers
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